Congregational Song Framed by Creation

Scripture opens up with God as Creator.  He created and arranged the earth and all that is in it including woman and man who are made with his special imprint (Gen 1:27).  By his own artistry and imagination, God created an endlessly diverse universe filled with stars, plants, birds, fish, sea monsters, and animals.  Though … Continue reading Congregational Song Framed by Creation


Creative Scripture Reading

At London School of Theology, we see the public reading of Scripture as critical in our Christian worship. But we also love being creative musically. Check out this video  interpreting the Ephesians 2:11-22 musically with special guest DJ MRCLOTTEY. Special thanks to Ellie Jones (reader), Jamie Bennet (trumpet), Ramsay Stewart (bass), Jeremy Perigo (saxophone) and MRCLOTTEY … Continue reading Creative Scripture Reading