Worship in Corinth

Hear LST New Testament scholar, Dr. Conrad Gempf, share key insights on the worship of the Corinthians with the head of Music and Worship at LST Dr. Jeremy Perigo.


Sounds of Heaven and Earth

We invite you to join London School of Theology at our one day conference for a timely and exciting opportunity to engage with scholars focusing on "Sounds of Heaven and Earth: Divine and Human Action in Christian Musical Worship". The programme will feature scholarly presentations viewing worship through diverse disciplines including liturgical history, biblical studies, theology, … Continue reading Sounds of Heaven and Earth

Level 6 Creativity Video Project

A collective of group performances taken from our Level 6 Creativity Module here at LST. An arrangements by our current TM6 & TW6 students. - Enjoy - https://youtu.be/pv2v61msje4 Group 1 Members: Jason Wan, Molly Baldwin, Sally Jackman, Afiya Riley, Alyshia O'Brien and Alice Dryden. https://youtu.be/nIS0RZGZ-ME Group 2 Members: Beata Kampta, Franklyn Thomas, Robbie Joiner, Sarah … Continue reading Level 6 Creativity Video Project