Dare to Ask

Check out this new book from our of our London School of Theology, Music and Worship Alumni, Simcha Natan. Simcha lives in Israel and works for Ascend Carmel worship programmes. She is married with three children and loves music, sunshine, anything creative and being at home with family.

Do you feel like your dreams have died? Does time spent wrestling with life and all its big questions leave you exhausted? Have you forgotten what true rest really feels like?

Through beautifully honest personal stories, as well as the lives of biblical characters, Dare to Ask unravels some of the mystery behind how we can keep pushing for more of God, from a place of rest, whatever the season of life we are experiencing.

Dare to Ask challenges the resigned mindset that we are merely silent spectators in this life, and beautifully reminds us that dreams are possible, miracles are real and hope is attainable if you just dare to ask.’

Steve Carpenter, Founder, Highway 19 Ministries – Jerusalem


You can now purchase ‘Dare To Ask’ using the links below:

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