New Album from LST Lecturer Geraldine Latty

The long awaited and brand new album from Geraldine is a musical adventure expressing the wonder of God.
Singing of God in our everyday [EvenSong], God in the cosmos [When we look at Jesus], God in our pain [Remind me] and expressed in the liberated dance of latin-infused joy [Sing to you]

From the opening notes to the final fading strings, the invitation is clear – come on the journey. God has done something absolutely ground-breaking, cosmos shaking in Jesus.

God is up to something now in our everyday, ordinary, everything.
God has made, is making and will make a way…

Can you see it?

The title track  ‘Can you see it?‘ was actually written in LST chapel in January 2016 and some of our amazing LST Choir feature on the album including not only  their great, energetic, singing but also their photography and engineering. Also, this diverse project includes the drumming savvy of Tom Hooper (LST drum tutor) and  lush orchestral string arrangements from Steve Thompson (LST lecturer in Contemporary Music)  and with Raul D’Oliveira and Carl Stanbridge [both good friends of LST music]

See what other’s are saying about ‘Can you See it’?’

“This is IT – the Geraldine and Carey album we’ve been waiting for! Capturing the unique mix of groove, honesty, hope, and surprise that typifies worshipping with the Luces, this album will grab you on the first listen and keep you coming back for more. It is so refreshing to hear songs that are simultaneously biblically rooted and creatively unchained. You just know that this is the heart-cry of worshippers, desperate to express their experiences, laments and praises in glorious technicolor. Love it!”


I am thankful that this is not background music to put on in your average christian bookshop but these songs want to be lived, engaged-with, sung, danced and prayed. Every song is completely unique. Personal favourite: Sing to you. (Makes me think of those of us that listen to bands like Snarky Puppy and just want to worship the Creator of creativity)

Geraldine’s music always stands for musical breadth and excellence as well as well- carved lyrics that come from real-life experience. I seriously love this album!


‘It’s very seldom you meet a couple like Carey & Geraldine! Such huge gifting, sensitivity, creativity, passion and love for Jesus and His Kingdom. This is all revealed through the new album, ‘Can you see it’. It is a huge pleasure to have taught, worshipped, laughed and dreamt with this beautiful couple and to have contributed in a small way to the realisation of their new album. Even before arriving at the end of the new recording, like me you will be captivated by the powerful and yet at times, the incredible ‘God-journey’ of ‘Can you see it’ album. It is an honour to call Carey & Geraldine true ‘Kingdom friends’.


Geraldine embraces a wonderful God given gift for tapping into the very soul behind music and song.

Whether it’s in her solo work and albums, or her worship and choir leading, I have never failed to be moved by the grace and emotion she is able to bring out through words, music and voice.

We have loved having Geraldine’s involvement across many years at Spring Harvest. She has led worship in our main arenas and alternative celebrations, as well as performing in our afterhours programme and moulding groups of complete strangers into wonderful scratch choirs in a matter of hours. Somehow, she is able to bring together a room of diverse and unmusical people, transforming them into a harmonised whole – a wonderful skill and great blessing to the Church.

Can you see itis filled with the same heartfelt passion, no less vivid for its laid-back vibe, as much of Geraldine’s previous work.
The beautiful and distinct sound, a unique blend of Jazz, soul and gospel, is a delight to listen to and makes for a relaxed, yet worshipful experience.



Can you see it Album Cover.png

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