LST Alum on harp at Soul Survivor

LST graduate in Theology, Music and Worship reflects on her journey at LST.

She states, Through LST I got involved in Soul Survivor Watford by playing in the band. I would never have been able to do this before as wasn’t very confident with jamming or improvising however thanks to classes such as Creativity and Band Skills I am now able to do this. This lead to being asked to play in the band for the Soul Survivor and Momentum festivals, which meant over the 4 weeks I played to over 30,000 people.

During this time I was able to bless people with my music and was thrown often in the deep end having to just improvise with the cellist. In fact one of the tracks on the new album is solely me and her “playing in the Spirit,” something which has been helped shaped by LST. Something I wouldn’t have been confident doing before receiving training at LST.

In my first-study lesson with my Harp teacher my technique and skill has come on tremendously. I have been challenged and encouraged to look into other musical styles in particular jazz which I have come to love playing on the harp. Without the bursary I would have struggled, so I am so thankful to have received it all three years of my programme.

Check out this video from Integrity Music with Amy-Jane playing with Beth Croft during the Soul Survivor festival.

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