Wellspring Worship Live ‘Now Is The Time’

This debut album by Wellspring Worship is packed full with original songs that combine a deep passion for Jesus with big, memorable melodies.

The album features 4 songs written by Music & Worship graduate Ben Dear who now works full-time for Wellspring Church as Music, Worship and Media Leader.

Ben, talking about his time at LST says: ‘Studying at LST has certainly had an impact on my ministry, but more importantly on my own walk and relationship with God. Delving deeper into the word, deeper into the theology of worship and Christian life as a whole has opened my eyes to see more of who God is and has enabled me to draw closer to Him.’

The team, with Clive Ross on bass (also LST Alumnus), has worked hard crafting their own songs for this project. Some songs that particularly stick out are the opener ‘Running after you’ with its catchy chorus and ‘This Is Holy Ground’ with a refreshingly odd time signature.

Wellspring WorshipFor me it has been a great experience to share in the journey of this album. Through videos on social media one was given glimpses into the process of songwriting and rehearsing as the days were counted down to the big event. The live recording itself felt not like a polished performance but rather like a congregation gathering to worship God with a new song (or 10!).

And the hope-giving fact is that this really worked and continues to work: songs, written, sung and lived by the local church. In this way Wellspring Worship is a great example of using own people, passions and resources to release a project like this one as an indigenous expression of their worship.

Head over to wellspring-worship.org now for more info about the church or on where to purchase the CD and free chord charts. Alternatively you can listen to the songs on a Youtube playlist.

– Timo Scharnowski // LST Coda

Wellspring banner

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