Everus are an exciting new band, made up of LST Music and Worship alumni Nick Collard, Tom Rawling, George Brett and Jamie Bennett, plus Cris Northeast (we’ll forgive him for not having come to LST – yet!)

They play original alternative/rock, and recently led worship at Spring Harvest (see pics below).  They currently have two singles out, and in the next few weeks will be featured on UCB’s unsigned bands slot.

everus 2

They recently shared with us: “LST was the place where our journey as Everus began. Each of us had a dream to make music that had the potential to connect with people’s lives, and it was in the music corridors of LST that these individual dreams merged into one vision.” 

“LST was a place where we could both learn our trade as musicians and be equipped to take God’s message to a broken, hurting world. Like so many others through the years and across the world, we look back at LST as the place that gave us solid theological and musical foundations for the years to come.”

Twitter and Instagram @everus_official

iTunes links
Bring Me to the Other Side – Single by Everus
Only Molecules – Single by Everus

everus 1

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