“Voice” discussion videos and group notes

The LST Choir recently recorded its first single, ‘Voice‘, with Geraldine (Latty) and Carey Luce.  To help worship teams and other small groups engage with the themes, we have produced a series of discussion videos and group notes.  You can see the videos below, and a downloadable version of the group discussion notes HERE.  The single is available to buy from iTunes and other online retailers.


These notes are only suggestions – we recommend that the group leader watches the four videos beforehand and tweaks the questions depending on the group.  We imagine these used before a worship rehearsal for a 20-30 minute chat per session, but you could expand or edit as fits the group you are with and the time available.



Geraldine and Carey Luce wrote this song from the experience of leading the London School of Theology choir.  It reflects the journey the choir have been on, with each person discovering that they have a voice, a contribution to bring.  This metaphor was then developed to include experiences beyond the choir, and the biblical picture of God giving his people a song to sing.

These notes and videos aim to help you think about how the themes of the song might relate to you, your worship team and your congregation.


Watch the music video of Voice being performed by the LST choir –


What are your initial reactions to the song – do any lines or ideas jump out to you?

Have you ever sung in a choir?  If so, what was your experience?  Why do you think singing in choirs is becoming so popular on TV and locally at the moment?

How might a music group or a choir be a good image of what God is calling the church to be?  Do you feel like you reflect that image?



Geraldine interviewed some of the choir members about their reflections on the song and the experience of singing in the choir together. As we watch these think about the responses, and how they challenge, encourage or make you think.


Watch Interview video part 1.


Does music and worship provide a place for you to use your ‘voice’ for God?  Are there things that hold you back from doing that?

How can you encourage other people to bring their unique ‘voice’ to worship God – musically and through other gifts and passions?

Geraldine asks “what happens when there’s pain in my life” – what impact does this have on our worship?  Does your church’s worship make space for times when people’s sounds are “cold and bleak”?  Can you be honest with God in those moments?



Watch Interview part 2.


What voices in wider society are ‘clamouring’ to get your attention?  What distracts you from listening to the voice of God?

Do you ever compare yourself to other musicians or worship leaders?  How can you avoid being discouraged from bringing your own contribution?

Are the parts of the Bible which encourage you to listen to the voice of God in the midst of ‘noise’?  Do you have good principles for staying focused on his truth about who you are in him?



Watch Interview part 3.


What ‘burdens’ are you carrying right now?  Do you need to hear the angels‘ promise of peace?  Are there aspects of your life where you need to find the ‘rest‘ that Jesus offers?

Geraldine likes that the song links us with a tradition of faithful people using their ‘voice’ for God.  Who inspires you – in the Bible, or in history, or people you know?

Geraldine talks about “living the song” – a song sung in Jesus and then passed on to us.  How easy do you find it to live out your worship in your everyday life?  What holds you back?


Finish your times together by praying for one another, based on your conversations.

You could also watch the music video again and join in with the singing, or use it as a time of reflection.  Or sing your own songs – your voice matters!

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 17.07.30

If you’d like to be part of a choir day led by Geraldine, join us for the SING! Community Choir Day on 18th October 2014!

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